Friday, October 17, 2008

Envisage 365

Someone of you may recall a post this summer calling for participants in a photo project chronicling the lives of women - one picture a day, every day.

Some of you answered that call for participants, including yours truly.

We are now 47 days into this project.

The images and insights into the lives of women across the country and world are simply amazing.
I spend a large chunk of time every day looking at these photos and pondering the intimate details of other womens worlds - not unlike the time I spend reading the confessions that are sent.

I would invite you to look too - you may find yourself reflected in the photos of this group of phenomenal group of women.


Anonymous said...

Yes, these are powerful pictures. thanks fo rthe link. It's another way of showing we are all the same somewhere inside when it gets right down to it. Nice way to get support from around the world, too!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for highlighting this project. It is in fact one of the best ways to see that we are all basically alike. I hope many visitors to your site will also visit this project. It is young as of now, but I think will be a powerful statement over a the course of one year.

Libby said...

I am so inspired by this project. I remember you writing about it when it first began, but I didn't feel that I would commit to it. Now that it is in progress, I am so jealous of not being part of the amazing group of women featured! So I am a copycay, kind of. I am not recruiting others to join me, I am just doing a blog of my own on my own in the same format. You may link to me if you choose! Please do not be mad! I tried to contact the original creator of Envisage, but I couldn't figure out how! I am starting tonight, so the link will be of nothing right now. By the way, I am a HUGE fan of this site, and your other one! Keep up the good work!