Tuesday, September 08, 2009

True Wife Confession 300 - Prepare for Glory!

Confessions # 2991

Yet another night in hell. I wish you would understand how much your drinking is killing our marriage, our dreams.. How much lower you set the bar for our children. I wish I could leave you and to never hear from you again. You are a disease that infects everything. I am tired of you "sorry"s, should've, could've or other times about your "justifying" your drinking and your 3am or 4am escapades. While you're out "relaxing" with friends, I am home 24/7 with our 10month old and our 2 year old and it's not easy at all. I rather be single and struggling than with you and surviving.. I hate the fact that you're fat, that you don't take care of yourself, that you do drugs, that you drink, that you suck in bed, that you BREATHE! I feel I lost 12 years of my life wasting my time with you. Yes YOU pay the bills now, YOU are working, well just so you know, my work right now is 10 times harder than yours raising 2 kids BY MYSELF , and let's not forget, when I was working I made twice the money that you bring in now and if it wasn't for me and my direction, we would have never had everything we have today. You wouldn't have vacation house in Europe to bloody brag about to your alcoholic low life white trash friends, you wouldn't have a clue about the world.. you would have been just like all others in your branch- just a simple alcoholic. You would have never traveled the world and seen the things we've seen.. you would have never probably had a passport for God's sake. I should have never married you, I should have never gave you 5 minutes of my life. Damn you! Now I am stuck here, away from my country, from my friends from my family. I gave up everything for YOU!!! And this is what it turns out to be... I hate you!

Confessions # 2992

Know how we have all this junk around the house we don't want anymore? Know how I listed those 2 big bookshelves my mother GAVE us 6 years ago on Craigslist for $100? Know how I lugged them out onto the front porch by myself? Know how I took $50 for them? Know how you just sat on your ass during this process? Know how when I told you I got $50 you got pissed at me and said I got scammed?

Know what? Fuck you. You want crap out of this house, you figure it out.

Of course, if we die in this place in 15 years the authorities will have to dig us out of the massive piles of rubble because you won't do shit to get rid of anything.

Confessions # 2993

You had quite the balls of steel when you announced that you weren't taking part in dinner tonight, so your daughter and I could eat on our own - then turned around and asked me for my debit card so you could order pizza.

Didn't think I would say no, did you?

Confessions # 2994

I live for the day that you will not make me feel stupid when doing something to help you. Keep in mind that I do not live with you yet so be happy when I help with your dishes, dinner, etc. and don't criticize me while doing it. Your way is not always better and you are by no means perfect. Honestly I do not know how I can ever live with you--your OCD is rediculous. Also the fact that our kids do not like each other and you ignore my son is a serious issue. You've lost the passion in your eyes for me and if it doesn't come back, I'm gone. I'm about to walk away, and when I do you will wish that you tried a little harder to keep me!

Confessions # 2995

I know we have agreed to alternate the days we clean out the litter box but while you're at work I just deodorize it and add a little more litter so really you are the only one to clean the litter box.

Confessions # 2996

You said you would always be there for me. You said you loved me. Is love bringing another woman and her child into our home and carrying on a relationship with her? I put up with it for 4 years. Don't ask me why I did it for so long. I think I figured she would get sick of you and leave. But she didn't. I finally got the courage to leave you! I am not in your life anymore, so you can't control me, but yet you try. It is NONE of your business if I have money, nor what I spend it on. I don't care if you can't buy groceries, that is NOT my problem. You think buying the kids some school supplies makes it all better. For the $100 you spent, I spent an additional $390 on the rest of their school supplies, their shoes, their clothes. Who is paying for their bussing and their school fees? Not you. That's for sure. Yet you think you can make me feel bad that you have no money. Too bad. You made your bed, you can sleep in it.

I am trying to be nice for the sake of the kids, but you make it hard because you still try and control me. Try and control what I write, what I tell others, what I spend my money on. Keep it up, and things aren't going to be so nice.

I am much happier now that I am free. Thank you for letting me realize that you didn't make me happy.

Confessions # 2997

After almost 20 years, you have finally learned how to make a good cup of coffee. Thank You!

Confessions # 2998

I know that you are the best thing that has happened to me in probably my entire life...but where where you 25 years ago? Why are you so good to me? You are so gentle,so sweet..you know what I have done since my marriage ended...the men that I have used and yet you are still there for me.Why??
Only one problem...you have no sex drive.When we do make love it feels like I am molesting you.Why are you so passive? This is something that I can't do for much longer.I know you love me but you are forcing me to look outside our relationship for sex and it is killing me.I am 45 years old and in my prime dude....I want and crave YOU, please,please feel the same way or I am gone.

Confessions # 2999

I don't like who ever you become when we have houseguests. That guy who appears in front of other people? I HATE that guy. Stop it. Your friends love you for You and I always have loved you for you, so please don't drive us away with that miserable bastard.

Confessions # 3000

Having you call me every day during my vacation to complain about the animals? Suck it the fuck up. Who did you think was cleaning litter and feeding and cleaning? My 51 week a year job gives me Zero sympathy for your 1 week job.


Unknown said...

There are too many idiotic women staying in relationships with alcoholic and/or drug-using losers. Nothing we say will get them to leave. On that note, WAY TO GO #2993! I don't know why your husband had no interest in the meal you'd prepared, but my guess is that he had no hand in the planning, shopping, preparation, or clean-up. He's lucky you didn't offer him a knuckle sandwich.

Anonymous said...

I come here when I think I want a boyfriend bad enough to put up with whatever crap I'm about to talk myself into putting up with. Thank you all for reminding me how good life is.

Mandy said...

Makes me sad to read some of these stories - yes - divorce is scary and intimidating but it can be the pathway to a better, richer, happier life.

mystic_eye_cda said...


The fact that he ignores your son isn't a "serious issue" its a *deal breaker*