Monday, August 03, 2009

True Wife Confessions 297 lines of code

Confessions # 2961

I am a married woman in love with a married man at work….and he doesn’t even know it…

Confessions # 2962

I fell in love with you because of your openess to my wild sex desires. I felt we "matched". Now, after almost 3 years of marriage and two kids, I wonder how will I keep my interest in you... Conservative, NO "new things", new experiences, positions, place to make love: only this way, in the bedroom, naked and not using any of my toys. You never bought a single toy or sexy briefs. Twice a month is NOT enough. Waking me up during the night is PERMITTED, REQUESTED and DESIRED. Why is the world upside down between us? I AM the lady and YOU are the one not interested in sex...

Confessions # 2963

Remember when I told you I loved you, I lied. Remember when I said I was happy to have ALL those kids, I lied. I can't stand you. I wish you would realize that we are done and stop bugging me. I was young, I had no where else to go. I kept myself in this fantasy land where I thought if I told myself enough that I was happy that it would come true and it didn't. You suck the life out of me. Oh and remember how I told you that I didn't sleep with my ex-boyfriend, yeah I lied...6 times.

Confessions # 2964

You are the most selfless lover I have ever had. You have taken the time to get me to relax, let me feel comfortable, tell me how beautiful you find me, how sexy I am to you. I honestly didn't think that I could have an orgasm from oral sex before you. Thank you , my love.

Confessions # 2965

some times I can not stand how sassy you are! you are so selfish I cant stand to look at you! I dont know what I was thinking when I married you! I want out so bad but I dont have the guts to do it! I wish you would figure out how I feel and leave on your own!

Confessions # 2967

Oh where, Oh where do I begin? I hate you for not taking up for me when your brother jumped down my throat. What kind of man does not take up for his wife when another man threatens her? Brother or not. I despise your family. They think they are so PERFECT! HA! You think you're perfect! Sometimes I wonder why I stay. I stay because I can't leave. And that makes me sad. I stay because I chose to have a family instead of a career. I often wonder what my life would be without you. If I had never married you to get out of the house and a bad situation.

And why does everything always have to be my fault? Why can't you do any yard work? Yes you work your 40 hrs a week. I work mine too. You do NOTHING around the house except complain about not having home cooked meals every night. I did not marry you to be your slave, cook, housekeeper or personal assistant. I do those things because I WANT to not because I HAVE too. And all those home improvement chores you started and didn't finish? I just want to hurl! You only did it because the floor was rotting away. My dad doesn't even like you. He puts up with your low life because of me. And after your brother did what he done to me he has no respect for you or your family at all now.

Deep down I know you're in love with her. I can see it in your eyes. The comments you make. The way you talk to her. Try to make jokes or make her laugh. That breaks my heart! She probably thinks you're awesome only because she doesn't what kind of man you really are. Porn addict. closet drinker. You would die of shame if everyone really knew!

You are not even a great dad. When is the last time you spent any time with our kids? I mean quality time? Have you ever thought about things they might want to do? They only go with you on your "hobby trips" is to be with you. They don't care about your hobbies! PLEASE WAKE up and look around you! You are killing our marriage and family! Why can't you see?????

Confessions # 2968

I cheated on him 5 times, and can't count the ones where it's been online. Having sexual conversation with the man I loved since I was 18. He cheats on his girlfriend too, but we don't feel guilty about it...we just want sex.
I wish I could leave this house...even though my son loves it. We could be so happy just the two of us.

If only I could manage to save some money...or win some

Confessions # 2969

Saturday I tried to get some love from you and all I got was shot down. I went out and met someone who has made me feel alive in the past all I wanted to do was screw right there. I gave him a ride home and we were screwing around in the truck so I came home. I thought about him all night and went over sunday morning and screwed him on the couch. And it was so good I wanna do him again.

Confessions # 2970

I'm just like every other girl,
Who's ever wanted to be held by someone else-
And I'm just like every story,
Hoping for a love-filled ending-


Anonymous said...

Dear # 2961 (and/or the blond woman in my office)

Yes I know how you feel about me. You look at me all the time when you think i am not looking. I can feel it and it honestly makes me feel uncomfortable. Seriously, get over it. I don't love you, I don't want to be with you. I love my wife.

Sign me: Stop staring and leave me alone!

Anonymous said...

2964 - I can only orgasm from oral sex. Is something wrong with me maybe?