Friday, August 21, 2009

True Wife Confessions 18, Fully Legal

Confession #171

i've kissed 3 men since we've been married. i thought i was falling for two
of them. after realizing that it was only you i wanted, i stopped what i was
doing. you still dont know about it. and i will never tell you. because i
have a feeling you've done the same thing. and i can only hope that you
realized the same thing i realized and stopped what you were doing.

Confession #172

I find you repulsive. If you have a drive to take care of your family, perhaps you would be having more sex, big boy...

Confession #173

Remember when you took me out for our second date to the movies? While the credits were rolling I said, "Thank you", not "I love you" like you thought because you looked surprised and said, "I love you too". So when you tease me by saying, "You told me you loved me first and only after two dates", like I was so desperate and needy, you're just being an ass. I just never told you the truth. And I wasn't in love with you then.

Confession #174

I think about my exes. A LOT.

Confession #175

I hate being your wife. I've given you so many chances to get your act
together. I'm tired of being patient & stupid. I'm still here because you
took away the car keys so I can't make a midnight escape with the baby.
That & you threaten to take the baby away from me & I know you & your family
would do it. I'm stuck. For now.

Confession #176

I would give just about anything if you would (a) plan
something fun for us to do w/o being prompted by me,
and (b) notice when a chore around the house needs to
be done and not wait for me to ask you. You don't
realize that the resentment I feel about these two
issues is severely eroding our relationship.

Confession #177

I rarely let you get up with the baby anymore. It's not worth it. Because the 20 minutes of sleep you lost transfers into 3 hours of crankiness that I just can't tolerate. So I get up myself-after 5 minutes, I'm over it. You should get over it, too. You helped create her, so stop treating her like an inconvenience.

Confession #178

my husband sucks in bed and has made no attempt to try to get better. I am angry about it.

Confession #179

I have porn videos, even though you hate them. Whenever you spend the night at the shore with your buddies, I always get so inwardly excited because I get to watch them, ALONE!

Confession #180

Sometimes I hate you. Mainly because of your refusal to do more than the bare minimum to interact with and entertain our kids. You think you are a good dad and husband because you change a few diapers and occasionally take ONE kid somewhere with you. I am with these kids 14 hours per day while you work. On your days off all you do is sit in front of the computer or playstation, while I run around in circles trying to keep the two-year-old and five-year-old busy. You are always on the prowl for a way to leave the house and go have some beer with your buddy. You are so exhausted you sleep through the kids getting up, but yet you are ready to go for sex. And you wonder why you never get any.


Unknown said...

An Ex husband comment:

After reading many of these posts, I realize I could have been a better husband, lover and partner.

After reading these posts, I realize that men cannot live up to the expectations that many of you have.

I will never marry again.............

Unknown said...

I'm sorry, but it seems that if our expectations are too high for you to meet, then there's a reason that you are an EX husband. Most woman are happy with a man who attempts to reach her expectations. I hope for woman kind, you really never do marry again.

Anonymous said...

Wow. You two are both a little bitter. Best not re-enter the gene swap zone for a while.

Take a nap, have a snack, then start in the shallow end.

Anonymous said...

Yes, our expectations are high, but most of us are satisfied with just the effort, not perfection.
Most men have high expectations also, and they arent satisfied with anything less than perfection.
Example, a woman will stay with a man even if he is not good to her in hopes he will get better. A man will not stay with a woman that is not good to him, he'll go find another. Women tend to be expendable to men.

Unknown said...

Anonymous huh? Must be a reason you are hiding.

Anonymous said...

#174 - Be careful what you wish for, I had an ex show up out of the blue at my door during a rocky spot in my marriage and like a true dumbass I fell for him. Then after sneaking around for two years, his wife found out about us and he did just want he did 20 years ago, he became the doormat he was for his parents (which is the reason I didn't marry him.) only now his a total doormat for his wife. Whom he stayed with and now 3 years later is totally miserable cause she hasn't let the affair thing go.
So I say, be happy with your life and don't look back cause you will ultimately be disappointed in the man he has become....

Anonymous said...


No, I'm not hiding. My name is Paul. I don't have the patience to sign in.

My advice is worth what you paid for it. But I stand by my remark. You both sound like you are bitter. Sorry about that.

Take a nap, have a snack, come back when you aren't as angry.

Ayurveda said...

Great blog and I saw very good critizations on your subject.

Unknown said...

Dear Paul,

I wasn't angry when I first posted, I was merely speaking the truth; if, as a man, you are unable to meet your woman's expectations, then you shouldn't get married. That is all.

And I'm pregnant, so thank you for the insensitive comment about "gene swamping." I take naps every day and eat every two hours, so your "advice" wasn't very helpful.

Anonymous said...

I've been married for 5 months, and I slept with my ex 2 weeks ago. And it was the BEST sex ever!!!

Anonymous said...

I have read all the post on this article and site and so far. all I have heard is a bunch of people grumping about what they dont have and comparing it to something they think they would have had.
well fantasy is just what it is called a fantasy just like a book when its fiction its fiction this is real life no one is perfect maybe if you write or tell the person how you feel deep inside you might get a change.
maybe not, maybe you are with the wrong person the point is this stop bit**ing and do something about it.
either move on or change it nothing adventure is nothing gained it take two take make a relationship and two to destroy it so you are at fault just as much as them becuase you do nothing to change it.
so either put up or shut up as the saying goes..cold yes hard yes but honest..

Loncey said...

Hi there, stumbled across this site and must say I am very impressed with the candor and honesty of the ladies who speak on here.  Wow I didn't realize the number of men who are real bastards and what (and how long) you ladies put up with such crap!  I agree with one of the other men who said that life is too precious to be miserable.  I for one have never married but am/have been involved with some really great women and have done my best to be respectful and as loving as possible.  And shock, you get what you give!  So lads as a guy speaking to my own species, if you want a little lovin' then make damn sure you give some, and also make it unconditional too.