Monday, August 31, 2009

True Wife Confessions 299 back to school cheers

Confessions # 2981

We've been having really great sex lately. But you know that, eh? ;)

Confessions # 2982

Thanks for letting me take the lead in anal sex this week - I know you were excited and I was too - but allowing me to go at my own pace just made it all the better for me and more likely that you will be treated to that more often!

Confessions # 2983

To my first love, I was an innocent and would have loved you beyond words, but you lost me to ..
Badboy, I never anticipated you in my life I grew up in a good catholic background, which was lost in poverty, but I loved you and fell in love when you said hello, it wasn't all romance far from it but, emotions made you the one I loved, I had your child to my expense and happiness. I soon realised my mistake and rectified it by hard work and isolation... I worked and told you to go, I was devasted, we sort of remained amicable as long as you knew where I was and what I was doing... I met someone else.. older and an adulterer, I had no idea but I never brought him in to my childs life... you moved on and had 2 kids and are happy. I met and lost along the way, I look at you and you know me better than anyone because I had to allow you in my life because of our child, otherwise you would have been a wasted love.. I made so many mistakes. My life isn't great my daughters father has a new girlfriend and 2 children, and my second love has 3 children and believe me with his track record many, many more children..

My confession with absolute shame is that I think about all the men every single day, I know each one affected my life and I try to overcome it daily but know they are cheaters..

Confessions # 2984

my love is deep for you! but yet i do horrible things to you. you may or may not know it but i have cheated on you many times and dont know if i can stop. i have a sickness, i always want more. im searching for an o.g. and when i find it then what.....?

Confessions # 2985

I’m married to a man that treats me well but the sex is blah as in one way and one way only. I have been talking to a friend and he has offered one night of no attachment sex. Do I cross the boundary line of what is right or see if the pasture is greener on the other side.

Confessions # 2986

I'm really glad that you quit smoking as its bad for your health and very stinky. I want you to be around and healthy as long as possible because I love you so very much. But secretly, I wish you would start again because when you don't are a complete asshole.

Confessions # 2987

I shave my hair "down there" with my husband's beard trimmer.

He has no idea.

Confessions # 2988

Sometimes I just want to feel important to you. Sometimes I just want you to ask about me. Your job is so stressful. Every day you come home so tired, stressed out, complaining. What about me? What about what I am thinking about? What about what I dream? What I want? How my business is going? It isn't all about you. You say you want to spend more time together. You say we have lost touch. But what do you do to fix that? Do you take an interest in what I am doing? What is going on with me? I just want to feel like I matter to you. And I need your words to tell me that. Not you making the money, taking the kids. I need you to talk to me. Take control and find out about me and what I like, what makes me tick. I love you, you are my best friend. But when all you do is stress about everything, even around here and make me feel like the hired help, I don't want to talk to you, let alone make love to you. When you ease up and relax, when you are cheerful, I want you so much more. I feel so down about myself. I need a hug sometimes. I need a kiss. I just need a friend. I need you back. You aren't the same anymore. You aren't healthy. You worry, you fret, you stress. Don't stress away our days together. Look at me. I am your best friend. You are mine. Relax, stop picking, stop worrying. Come back to me. I love you. And I miss you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. But I can't spend the rest of my life living like this.

Confessions # 2989

I am not a wife, nor have I ever wanted to be someone's piece of land to own. Yet, I want to be your wife. Your face is so beautiful that I can only imagine what our children might look like someday. your thoughts are sensitive, and kind, and I know you would make an amazing Father and Husband. I wish you didnt drink so much, because I refuse to live as your wife, and mother of your children if you continue to abuse your body.

Confessions # 2990

I started talking to this guy through a website in April. He lives over 2,000 miles away from me. Well, things between us have been great. He has always been a gentleman with me. Only once did we argue and he was right. It was over the fact that my live in BF didn’t deserve me. The whole time we have been talking we discussed him coming to my city to visit. Well, I got rid of my live in BF because I really really like this guy. At the beginning of this month I mailed him my digital camera so he could take some pictures of himself, his life, and his city. He loved the idea and took pictures of his home and sent the camera back to me. I took photos for him and sent them through email. I had asked him what he would do if I decided to be spontaneous and showed up at his door. He said he would start kissing me. He told me where most the hotels r located. He even told me I should try and come within the next 2-3 weeks. I tell him the dates I have decided on. No reply since Monday. Mind you back in June he told me some how someone had compromised his email password and his email was becoming difficult to access. So when I asked him on Monday why he didn’t respond he says cause he couldn’t get into his email. Yesterday I went back to the website we met on and sent him a few messages and he didn’t even reply yet read them. Then I get an email stating I violated the terms of use and my profile was deleted. He is the only one I talked with through that profile. So here are my questions…Should I still surprise him? Should I wait it out and hope it is just his email messing up? Or Should I just give up and move on?


Anonymous said...

#2989, don't marry a drunk unless you look foward to regrets.

#2990, give up and move on. Obviously something has changed in his life, perhaps the ex is back in his life.

Anonymous said...

#2987 I do too...hehee. I think alot more women do this than you think.

Anonymous said...

#2985--It's not greener.

#2990--Life online and reality are very, very, very different things. We can make up in our minds (and online) the most positive possibilities, and find in another the support and validation for those possibilities. But reality is a messy, complex, unknown, and unavoidably honest thing. You can't force the one into the other in either direction. Pursue this and learn the lesson the hard way. Or, move on.

Anonymous said...

#2990 -- give up and move on. Many of the men into online dating pull these kinds of things. He's not worth your trouble; throw him back and start fishing again. There are plenty of keepers out there. Try

Anonymous said...

#2990---He is married!!! DOn't go!!!! The reason his email has been compromised is his wife is looking at it or found it!!!

Anonymous said...

2990 ah i too have been caught up with this online relationship business. i have met 2, and both live "over 2,000 miles" from me. one i fell head over heels for, and then a month later, got the same sort of treatment. another woman was involved. i then got caught up in a huge con as this other woman stole his affections, but did to him, what is happening to you. she took on the identity of me and harrassed herself to make it look like i was doing it, so he would "hate" me. this killed me as i would never do anything like this. he had arranged to meet her some 4 times. once he even had his bags packed, but the "no return" of msgs, nagged at him, and he did not get in the car. 9 mos later, this woman never materialized, broke his heart and made him feel like a fool. he has come back into my life. i waited patiently. our future is still not solid, but after he came back in to my life, i was able to go to him again, and see his eyes when he told me the truth of all that has happened. our story is not over, but he has, again, been less communicative this past week. the feeling of deja vu is all too painful..i want to just find someone local.
the other gentleman i met was also a good man, but just too needy and desperate at this point in the game. so there , i've shared my stories. the internet is as strange as the old "pen pals" of the mail can be, or they can be wonderful. but your gut knows what to do, or you wouldn't even be asking.
don't go, but if it's meant to be...all will be revealed, with time and patience. in the meantime, look locally...all the best

theo said...

2985 - There is no such thing as 'no attachment sex'. That's what sex does - it makes an attachment between partners. Especially if the guy is a friend, be very skeptical of your ability to have sex with him, say 'That was great', and walk away. You are just setting yourself up for heartache and confusion. To say nothing of doing possibly irreparable damage to a marriage to a guy who, as you say, treats you well.

On the whole, you're most likely WAY better off working on getting your hubby to cut loose a little. Easier said than done, I'm sure, but a fuck-buddy on the side is not the answer. . .

theo said...

Oh, and 2987 - if my wife were using my trimmer on her kitty, it would be very hott for her to tell me that. . .

Anonymous said...

He was hiding something from the start. Do not pursue it or expect the worst.. You are not the only one..

Anonymous said...

#2990--Move on.

Anonymous said...

Do not go 2,000 miles to meet this man.What if he is a rapist, or better yet you get murdered in the process I don't have a cle who you are but be smart and don't do it.

Frequent Traveler said...

Don't go. His silence speaks louder than words, painful as it is. He's not stepping up to the plate. LET GO.

Try reading : - it may help you with the healing process of getting over him :)

Anonymous said...

The grass is never greener on the other pasture... Just try watering your own grass... Might start to see some great changes...
If you think it is sexy to go to another man, why dont you try introducing another woman with you taking lead roll... I dont think that this is something that you will appreciate, so dont go to the other pasture... It just isnt worth it...