Monday, July 07, 2008

True Wife Confessions 261 mosquito bites

Confession #2601

Dear (soon to be) Husband,

I'm lying here, recovering from the migraine that struck last night, marveling at how absolutely amazing you are. I woke you up early on your day off to grab something for me, and you didn't complain. I asked you to run and get food, snacks, and medicine, and you didn't complain. You came home, asked if it were okay to run around this afternoon with your brother-in-law, kissed me, and have texted me all day to check in and let me know you love me.

I can be an angry bitch sometimes, and I SUCK at housekeeping, but you put up with me, day in and day out, with a smile. There are times I wish you would be more affectionate outside the bedroom, but you let me know in so many other ways how much you love and value me, that it becomes less of an issue every day.

I have a stronger sex drive than you. We both know it, and you only occasionally tease me about how many batteries I go through. Here's my confession: I tried to fantasize about someone else, once, while playing with myself after work. I felt like I was cheating, and couldn't get off until I switched my fantasy back to you. Yes, sometimes I include other people, or things you wouldn't or don't like to do, but your face is always at the forefront of my dirtiest desires. And you often play those out for me in bed. I still want and need you, and can't imagine ever sleeping in this bed without you (except on nights when you toss and turn and snore, and go sleep on the sofa with out me asking, just to make sure I sleep).

You are the most incredible, loving, caring man.

Thank you :)

Confession #2602

I've been on the road five days now with our three kids in a minivan, taking them to visit extended family. I miss having someone to hand the kids off to at regular intervals, but other than that I am much happier without you.

Confession #2603

I'm a 44 yr. white woman and I have hair on my nipples. Now this may not be shocking but what is,is that normally in the past I'd get one every now and then and I'd just pluck them but now I swear I have to check and pluck every day! WTF? Is this normal because I'm getting older? I'm a blonde with very sparse fine white hair on my arms, white eyebrows, very little leg hair and yet I am plagued by course, dark hairs on my nipples and belly. This is driving me mad and I don't want to talk to my GF's about it because I'm afraid it's just me! Is this a white woman thing or do all women of all races deal with this? What, if anything, can be done about it?

Thanks Girls!!

Confession #2604

I need passion. I need to feel like someone wants me so much that they just might die. I need someone to tell me that I mean everything in the world to them and that in their eyes I am the most beautiful amazing women to ever walk the earth.

I love you with all my heart, but you NEVER compliment me unless I directly ask you to, or unless we are having sex. You are wonderful, and you treat me well, but I need some kind of romance. It would be nice to once in a while feel pretty, or smart, or talented.

The books I read, the shows and movies I watch, the music I listen to, it's all filled with passion, romance, anger, sadness, anything that's completely strong because that is what I am missing. But I want it for real, not just in some fantasy world.

If you can't even find one specific thing to tell me you love about me then what does that say about me?

Confession #2605

The simple truth is that I do love you, but your behavior hurts me and I don't know if it's worth it any more to hang in there and wait for this issue to pass. I don't know if I want to stay in hopes that we work things out. I don't know if I even want to try.

Confession #2606

Your decision to give me the silent treatment may be giving you great satisfaction, but it is helping me realize that I can live quite happily without talking with you. If you never come back to my bed, I think that is all right. 1

Confession #2607

Sometimes I want to call your ex-wife and ask her why she divorced you, just to see if you did the same stupid shit to her that you do to me.

Confession #2608

I am trying very hard to forgive you, but you keep showing bits of the behaviors I don't want to be around anymore. I am not sure how to explain it to you because I know you are trying, but I am not sure how far I can go with all of this. Honey, this is bad, real bad because when I look at you all I see are the choices you made in the past and not the man I want to be with. Anyway, I love you but I am not sure if I want to be with you. Let's enjoy the holiday and try not to yell the whole time because we can't see eye to eye on the kids, the dog the bbq or anything at all right now.

Confession #2609

Maybe your inability to get an erection does mean something is wrong between us.

Confession #2610

Thank you for giving in to my desire to adopt this rabbit. I know that animals aren't your thing, and it horrifies you that this rabbit is living in our bedroom, with a giant bunny litterbox....but thank you.


Anonymous said...

to #2603
sweety i wish u luck but u are in the wrong place.. this is confessions not a health board.. but hope u find help with ur gorilla nipples :)

Stephanie said...

To #2603:
I am a medical student, and just came off of my GYN rotation where I did breast exams daily. Let me assure you that about 50% of women have nipple hair. It often doesn't match their hair on their head, and it does change with hormones (i.e. pregnancy, menopause, etc...) You are completely normal. Be assured. :)

Anonymous said...

2603 - I'm a 28 yr old white woman and have the same problem. They're normal, and totally hormone driven (got 'em after having my daughter 11 yrs ago). I just pluck mine too.

Anonymous said...

OMG! You are certainly not alone! I myself have coarse, dark hairs around my nipples and down my belly. I've had them for as long as i can remember. I also remember the huge relief i felt when other women - all sorts of colouring - said they had them too. So don't worry. If it bothers you that much, go see the laser man.

Anonymous said...

To 2603 -
At least the hair is someplace hidden. I have to shave my face (chin, etc.) every 2 days like a man, because I have so much facial hair. And I am a 29 year old white female (reddish-blonde hair). I also sometimes get hair on my breasts, and I shave my lower belly and toes as well. I don't know what it is. Someone told me it is all the steroids/hormones that they put in food these days. It's embarassing though. I don't let anyone know about it, not even my boyfriend.

Dawn said...

As a 38 year old woman, I too have noticed over the past several year that I will get hairs sprouting from all sorts of previously hairless spots...chin, one place on my neck (WTF!) two odd hairs that like to spring out of my belly at times, and yes - Gasp - even nipples.

After I had Em at 28, all sorts of things changed - this being one of them. My midwife just advised that if I couldn't bear the hairs ( and I can't) to just pluck them out.

And those Montgomery glands on my breasts, making my once youthful nipples look like puckered lemons...Sigh. So it goes.

And young readers - oh yes...It will happen to you. Your deodorant will stop working too. And your menstrual cramps do not get "better" after you have had a baby.

And semen does not make you teeth whiter OR prevent breast cancer - but it won't hurt you either. If you expect good head, learn to give good head. As Dan Savage says - "Oral sex comes standard on all models now".

Anonymous said...

2603 here: Thanks girls, made me feel A LOT better knowing most of us deal with this. I guess it's my age that has sped up this wonderful aspect of womanhood. And you're right Dawn, deo stopped working after child birth, nipples changed major ( and I couldn't breastfeed, so go figure) and my days of washing my hair twice a week are a thing of the past as well. Greasy hair after one day.

Thanks to all who took the time to relate. And to the first poster: No need to be an asshole on this site. Trust when I say I have contributed MANY confessions and felt this was a safe place for me to ask a personal question.


Anonymous said...

Oh goodness Dawn!!! My deodorant will stop working? Goodness freakin gracious. Da hell??!!!

Anonymous said...

well, I also have to de-hair from time to time, a couple on my CHIN, one or two on my neck, a couple in my nipple area...oh the joys of being over 30 :)

Anonymous said...

Whaddya mean 'youthful' Dawn, I've had those glands and the lemon look since I was fifteen.

Anonymous said...

Dear #2610,

Thank you for adopting a rabbit and letting it live indoors with you. It's a really difficult time for shelter bunnies right now, since the shelters and rescues are overcrowded by Easter dumpings and kitten season. Thank you very much for saving one bunny's life!

When I adopted my bunny a few months ago, my SO was a little uncertain at first. Now he says that bunnies are his favorite type of pet; he spoils my bunny silly, and in turn she adores him above all other humans.

I hope your significant other will also get accustomed to your new bunny soon and love it as much as you do :)

Zephra said...

Bunnies make the best pets!

Tink1272 said...

Thank you 2603 and everyone else who responded in kind. I thought I was alone. I feel better to know that I'm not.

Anonymous said...

2604: I totally understand your need to feel complimented by your man, but I do have to say - holding him up to the unrealistic standards put forth on TV, movies, romance novels, and music is not really fair. Those are fantasies, not reality.

omnia_vincit_amor said...

2603, I've had dark, coarse hair on my nipples since I was 18 -- I shave them every few days.

Anonymous said...

2603, I am 27, childless, and have been going to the laser hair removal center to get the hairs zapped off my nipples, stomach, chin, neck and upper lip. It's making me feel SOOO much better.