Monday, August 22, 2011

True Wife Confessions 40 oz of whoop ass

Confession #391

It was ME who keyed your car door after the concert when you were acting like a prick.

Confession #392

I'm pretty sure that you love me more than I love you. I don't really feel any kind of passion for you anymore. Beyond the usual doses of typical marital annoyances, I do feel deep friendship, fierce loyalty, unending devotion and the utmost admiration. I hope these are enough to get me through the next sixty years, because I really want to see how this thing turns out.

Confession #393

I love you. You knew I was falling in love with you all the while. I told you. But then, before you left, you acted all shocked, and told me you didn't want that to happen. That you didn't feel that way about me. But then you stayed here for another 3 days before you had to go. I don't understand why, if you KNEW ALL ALONG WHY YOU DIDN'T SAY THAT SOONER. And don't use going to war as an excuse. Bullshit.

Confession #394

I hate that you are an alcoholic. I hate that you
won't get help. I hate that you pee some nights in
bed. I hate that our kids know there is a problem. I
hate that my small son knows the word "drunk". I hate
that you blare your music so loud we wake up. I hate
the way you talk to me while drinking. I hate when
you try to grope me when you are totally smashed. I
hate beer cans and cigarette butts left on our lawn.
I hate feeling embarrassed because of you. I hate
when you ruin my plans by drinking. I hate going out
with you because I feel like I can't enjoy myself
100%. I hate being so darn weak that I stay with you.
Most of all I hate that you know all of this and
don't seem to care.

Confession #395

I hated you even more today than I thought I have in a long time. You drove like a fucking maniac, weaving in and out of traffic in the city and then on the parkway, with the road all slick from the rain, WITH OUR 19-MONTH OLD IN THE BACK. I begged. I pleaded for you to slow down, remember that your son is in the back. You barked at me like a fucking animal. You bullied me with your driving. The part of the ride where we stopped talking, when I was staring out of the window looking at the lights...I was trying to convince myself that I really could divorce you and financially survive. That no matter how much a son needs his father, he needs to grow up in a happy and healthy environment too. I was realizing that I can leave your lowlife ass and I will survive, and me and my son will make it. My family puts up with you, but trust me, my mom would be dancing in the streets if I told her I was leaving you, you piece of shit. Your family never taught you any respect for anyone but yourself. Hope that right hand falls off. You don't deserve us. Loser.

Confession #396

I have been lying to you about money to get back at you for not loving me, for blaming your lack of desire for me on me being fat, and for spending more time in front of the computer playing online poker and looking at perverted porn. And now that it's coming to a head, I can't wait to get caught because then you will either wake up to what's wrong with our marriage or let me out.

Confession #397

I am dying to cheat on you. If it's okay for you to do it, it's okay for me to do it. If you don't value our marriage, why the hell should I? How stupid do you think I am? "I can't wait to kiss you, love [you]" found in your inbox and you claim your email account was hacked into? I'm only glad I forwarded all of them to myself so I you can't deny they were there. I was pregnant with your second child, for God's sake. I will NEVER forgive you for that, and of course I don't trust you. Give me a reason to do so and I will. Until then I can't.

Confession #398

Nothing could ever split us up, but there are a few things that are pissing me off. Take for example your constant guilt trips. I don't need them. I'm aware that you are a great husband, and that you are allways doing what I want to do and constantly entertain me. But that doesn't mean I have to pay you back in sex every 12 hours. I have a life! You, apparently, do not, and that is your business not mine.

And one more thing... Stop bugging me about having a baby! Me and you aren't the type of people that should procreate! We're selfish bastards! You don't know the first thing about babies, you only want one so that it might mold me into the 'perfect wife/mother'. News flash: not the right reason to have children!

Confession #399

sweetie, I love you. but would you put your goddamn dirty socks in a hamper instead of leaving them on the floor wherever you took them off? it's embarassing when people come over. it's not like I don't have five hampers going at any given time. learn to use them.

also. when I come to your work to pick you up. why cannot you get your ass out to meet me when I am actually driving up? no matter what I do, you STILL wait until you see the car parked in front of your office building before you stop doing what you are doing, ride down fifteen floors and come outside to meet me. you say you don't want to be left waiting--but it's OK to leave *me* waiting for *you* with two screaming kids in the car? wtf! your time is more important than ours? fuck that.

Confession #400

Yes, I'd love to have another baby too. I have room for more than one in my heart.

Unfortunately, I don't have room in my day for another child. I do at least 95% of the care for our current one together. I'm sure you'd love to have another baby. Considering that I'd go insane though, maybe it's not the best idea. I can't be a full time mom, full time employee, full time wife, and part time stepmom to anyone else.

Sorry. Step up to the plate and maybe one day I'd consider it. Until then, no I won't stop taking the birth control.


Cinderella said...

#393 : Because he is manipulative and a user, that's why. He will treat any woman he encounters in the that same selfish way, only putting himself and his own wants first and then not taking any emotional responsibility. He knew exactly what he waas doing and his ego was getting off on it. Ugh. Not a nice man.

#394 : You see clearly who he is. Leave him. Don't cooperate with ruining your life just because he is willing to ruin his. Leave him. It's only going to get worse.

#395 : Good for you for leaving him before he kills you or your daighter with his crazy dangerous driving and anger issues.
You can survive without him, and your son will be better off in a happy and healthy environment.

#396 : He isn't trustworthy and never will be. Once a liar and a cheat, the handwriting is on the wall. Leave him before he hurts you again, and again, and again. Your kids deserve a better role model for how a man should treat a woman.

Anonymous said...

#395 - I just left my husband 10 days ago who sounds a lot like yours. I have no education, no way to support myself but I am surviving. I left for many reasons, the main one that my son deserves a healthy environment to be raised in and he wasn't getting that at home. You CAN do it!!!!

Anonymous said...

#392. I see this all the time. Its is just yo taking him for granted... its normal in LTRs. you get everything from him without working for it. Buuuuut... i also bet that if you screw this up (cheat with with an ex that turned you on, cross the line with a co-worker, etc) and you get left... then you will regret it and will have actual feelings of love and attraction. Also, if he was attractive to other women (if he had women pursuing him to any degree) you would be very attracted to him...

all those things are part of my relationship "game". be cocky/aloff and create competition anxiety (with other women) without crossing any cheating lines. it might sound like im an a-hole but its keeps my girls happy, interested,. attracted to me, and in love. As opposed to being a "good beta boy friend" stuck with a woman that has no real feelings for him... like your husband... he should try to throw a wrench in the machine to wake you up

Anonymous said...

To "Anonymous" above, who responded to #392: you have a lot of growing up to do. That you even have a relationship "game", and that you feel it necessary to do all that in order to "keep her interested", just demonstrates that both you and your girlfriend/wife are very immature and not ready for a real, adult relationship.

Also, you said "it keeps my girls happy, interested", etc. GirlS, plural? So then you are cheating?

rbhu7 said...

I think what the anonymous poster was saying, is that, in reality, no woman wants a 'nice reliable' guy. They just aren't attractive enough, i see it all the time. The ones who are genuine a holes or pretend to be (ie have a 'plan') they get the girl, or girls, depending on their morals! Nice guys finish last i'm afraid, and we know it.

Anonymous said...

"girls" was a typo... no i dont cheat. I am actually nice guy and I do these things and "game" my gf BECAUSE i love her. there is nothing immature about what I am doing. this works on every woman... even you... even your grand mother... there is no such as thing "mature" when i comes to relationships or even in life. women initiate 80% of divorces because their husband are mature, beta, bore-bags. If husbands did what I do, maintain behavior that eeps the woman interested and in love their wouldnt be so many "mature" divorces...

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