Monday, March 21, 2011

True Wife Confessions 35mm

Confession #341

When I say that I think you're the most wonderful guy on the planet, I mean it literally. I love you

Confession #342

I hate how you belittle everything I say by making it seem like all or nothing. I told you I need a break. I need some help. I can't take you coming home at 8 p.m. every night. I asked you to come home early a couple of nights a week. But all you do is tell me, well you either want the money or you me at home. I want to tell you that one night when you get home so late, you will think every is in bed asleep. But we will be gone

Confession #343

aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!! you are driving me nuts, you are such a pussy! get a back bone and start making decisions for yourself. I don't ask you if I can go out for lunch, why must you call me first - I am NOT YOUR MOTHER!!!!! she can't even stand to listen to you either. If you aren't going to use your dick, then by all means cut it off and give it to someone who will. you fucking pussy man.

Confession #344

When I "OOPS" got pregnant with our second baby when our first was only a few months old...I did that on purpose. I knew then that we probably were not going to make it. I wanted another child, for myself and so our daughter would not be an only child. I did not want to have to take any biological clock issues into account later.

Confession #345

I am not losing weight on purpose. I need you to love me the way I am. If I lost 50 lbs. and you bacame a better husband I would hate you for it because I would know for a fact how shallow you are. Now, I only suspect it. When you are gone I will loose the weight because I hate it even more than you do

Confession #346

When you go into the bathroom, lock the door and spend like 30 minutes..every day. I know you are jacking off in there. I guess it is good that you know how to make SOMEBODY come.

You have never given me an orgasm. Ever.

Confession #347

I think your parents are ignorant morons. Always have. Always will. I used to wonder how you turned out so normal. Now, after 10 years, I know you didn't.

Confession #348

Remember when I found out my father was terminally ill and you just gave me a quick hug and said "Sorry. But if anybody can beat this it is your Dad." And then left the house to do some stupid, unimportant thing with your buddies? I lost more respect and love for you at that moment than at any other single time during our marriage.

When you told me you were leaving and I cried. It was for our children. For my own sake I felt only relief.

You said you felt my father had forgiven you for leaving me and the kids before he died. You were wrong. If he hadn't been so sick he would have kicked your ass.

Confession #349

your nasty feet make me want to vomit

Confession #350

No matter whether you get 4 hours or 14 hours of sleep, you are the crankiest SOB when you wake up. You wake up all mopey and refuse to speak and do nothing but heave these ultra heavy sighs. Grow up. By the time you decide to open your eyes, I've been up for 2 hours with the baby and have the laundry done for the day.

When you whine all day about how exhausted you are, and then choose to come home and stay up to 2:00 a.m. to watch movies or toy around online, don't expect sympathy.


Anonymous said...

#347...I feel for you...I REALLY do!!! I felt the EXACT same way about my in-laws. Now that I am almost divorced, one of the MANY benefits is I will no longer have to deal with those morons ever again. YEAH!!! :-D

Anonymous said...

i see ari gold's (entourage on HBO) wife when I envision...his wife complains that he works too much and he says something like, "ill quit, but why have to move to the valley and drive camrys" and that shuts her up real quick. but in all seriousness, dont be selfish. you would have him alot more if the amex didnt work at the grocery store or if your saw your car getting towed away at the mall. threatening to take his family from him because he works long and hard for them is crazy... at least pretend you have soul...

Anonymous said...

This site is so depressing. I will not be back.

Anonymous said...

347, I feel you. My marriage is on the rock now because of in laws too.. they'll never accept me as one of them.. never.