Monday, March 08, 2010

True Wife Confessions 26 letters of the alphabet

Confession #251

The reason I cut you off and finish your sentences sometimes in public is
to keep you from sounding like an idiot

Confession #252

I am in love with someone else and SHE does things to me that you could never imagine!!!

Confession #253

I could never tell you, but I don't like having sex with you anymore. I don't find you attractive. When we have sex I close my eyes and think of someone else, perhaps a famous someone.

Confession #254

I think you are a closet sex for several years is one thing but your interest in pre nubile females and your too long hugs of any zipper skinny woman
give you away...go ahead find a male lover because I don't give a shit what you do anymore.

Confession #255

After nearly 12 years of being married when will you learn that when you
insist on blowing my back out at 4am in the morning, I will not be up at
5:30 to make you breakfast before you leave for work.

Confession #256

I know that I don't get out by myself all that often, but when I do, I expect the same things that you expect. You want to come home to a clean house, as well as kids that have been fed, bathed, and are either ready for bed or have been put to bed for the night. I do not enjoy walking in the door and seeing my nice clean living room trashed beyond recognition. I do not enjoy walking in the door with three baskets of wet clothes (because you won't get off your lazy ass and fix the washing machine) and being told that I have to give the kids a bath at 10pm. I do not enjoy being told that I'm not doing my job because the house doesn't meet showroom standards while you sit on your ass and play computer games all day long. I'm not your mother, your maid, or your children's nanny. You really shouldn't be surprised that I'm in the mood only once a month, if that.

Confession #257

You are not now, nor ever, going to have your own business again as a graphic artist. You have no skills for that. Suck it up and be happy you have a job at Home Depot.

Confession #258

I hate having sex with you! It used to be wonderful, but lately, not so much. Because I would like a little love and tenderness. I would like to feel as if I were loved and cherished. I am tired of nothing but dirty talk. I don't need to be told what a dirty bad girl I am each and every time. I don't want to hear your every kinky fantasy. Especially because I know that you have acted them out online many times before, and are using those fantasies to get off with me. It hurts. It hurts alot. Is it any wonder that I don't ever want to have sex with you?

Confession #259

There are so many things about you that I cannot stand. Your breath is terrible, you stink b/c you don't shower every day. You are so arrogant and stubborn it makes me want to hit you. You don't care about anyone but yourself. You bitch about money but don't hesitate to buy something that you want. Your whole family is nuts. But the worst thing of all is I hate the kind of father you are. Your children get more attention from you when they are being disciplined than any other time. And it drives me crazy that you always feel the need to jump in when I am trying to discipline. No wonder they don't listen to me. You never give them a chance. I think your parents are lazy and selfish and so are you.

Confession #260

I want to hear that you love me, that you miss me, and that you think of me at all. I don't want to ramble about stupid shit. I want to know I'm dealing with all this insanity for a reason. I tell you all the time how much I love you. Why can't I get even a fraction of that in return? Sometimes I wonder if you love me-if you ever loved me because you never even say, "I love you," unless I say it first. Do you really? What do you love about me, then? Why can't you just freaking talk to me?


Constance said...

Confession 258: I learned the very hard, painful way with men that if you want to be loved, you can't let them talk dirty to you or do seriously kinky things.
Women can go from nasty sex one time to making love the next time.
Men simply can't. Once they've crossed that boundary line, they can't go back to normal. Thye need the kinky to get excited, and they view you differently - even if you are married to them.

It hurts and it is sad, but it is also true.

Men SAY they want their girlfriends or wives to be a slut in the bedroom, but once you do that with your willing consent - they'll rarely treat you like a lady again.

I'd gather every bit of your courage and leave this guy. He's just going to keep on breaking your heart and spirit in a hundred little ways.

Barbara said...

I'm sorry Aurora but you can't paint all men with the same brush. I know from personal experiance that men can make the switch from kinky to tender and respectfull. My man knows the difference. He's never looked down on me for anything that we do. It sounds like you've had a bad experiance. I'm sorry about that. There are good men out there. good luck.

Anonymous said...


I have to agree with Barbara -- my guy is perfectly capable of making that switch. It's not really much of a switch, actually, because it's ALL done in love.

Stinky said...

Dear Janes:

Every single last one of you. I know you want to complain about your men. I am sure if I lived with those same lazy, shiftless, smelly, good for nothing cretins, I would be going out of my mind just like you.
But if things are so bad and you have one last chance to fix things or you will lose your mind and punt the SOB out the door, can you at least tell them what you are saying here? What have you got to lose if they don't hear you or choose to ignore you? At least you have given it your best shot.
If it works great. If it doesn't work, you have given it your all right? Then don't hang around suffering. Move on. There are many many other men out there. Some stink less, some stink more, but at least it won't be with the same ungrateful stinky bum.

Goddess of Madness said...

Aurora, I'm sorry but you're wrong. Not in all the cases true, but to heap everyone into the same pile is wrong. My partner can be nasty and kinky and smooth and condsiderate depending on what is being called for. I'm sorry if thay is your experiance but don't lable everyone because of one.

Anonymous said...

to #254

He doesn't sound gay to me, at all, but like a pedophile.

Anonymous said...

258 - I am sorry that your husband can't seperate fantasy from reality. It's very sad that he can't see that he's hurting your feelings. It does sound concerning that it seems the only way he can be aroused is this way, please be careful.

Aurora - I also completely disagree. My husband can easily make that transition. We are not perfect by any means but that is definitely somewhere he has never been disrespectful. If i saw that's not what I want, they he can go to sweet and romantic.