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True Wife Confession 330

Confession #3301

Tonight you are meeting with another bi married man for the first time in our marriage. I'm happy for you. After 32 years of listening to your sexual frustration in our relationship, I'm finished. I'm happy for you. Be the best you can be... and so will I.

Confession #3302

To my partner: no one knows about the totally crazy, and unbelievably funny make-believe world we have created, and I hope no one ever gets to. With you, I am the most 'me' I can be, and I hope you are the same. I never thought a relationship could be so filled with love, laughter and passion. After almost 7 years together, I love you more everyday. Thanks to you, it does not matter if we don't have much money or a bigger house - you make me so happy. I love you.

Confession #3303

I am so sorry. You are an amazing husband, father and man.  But right now, and for the last few days, I have been seriously considering sleeping with our old neighbor.  He has been texting me, and I have even been masturbating to his graphic texts. He wants to come up to our new home, and have a fling. I know when we lived in the neighborhood, and he began to come onto me, I told you everything and never exchanged texts with him again.  Now he is newly divorced,and is looking for a cheap easy lay, and wouldn't you know it? I fit the bill. I suck. I know you had your texting affair 3 years ago, and even though we went to counseling, it still burns my heart.  But you really are great, and I don't know why I want to sleep with this manipulative, self righteous, no morals prick, but I really do. I know he does not care about what it will do to our family if you discovered it, he just wants to come, and maybe to know he cuckolded you. He told me he has done married women before. Disgusting, I know.  I just have been feeling so low for the last 9 months since our move north, what with not having a job, and not being able to contribute ANYTHING. (Except laundry, housecleaning and childcare) You know how much working means to me, what a "napoleon complex" I clearly have. I have considered suicide more often than you know.  But after growing up with out my own mom, I could never do that to our babies. When he texted me the messages that he wanted to F*ck me so much, I was so exhilarated and an instant fire was ignited. I have not felt this in so long! I am clearly addicted now, and don't want to come down off of this high. I know what I need to do, stop texting him before I end up having mindless sex with this serial womanizer, and disclose everything to you once more. I pray to GOD that I can do this. I'm so sorry.

Confession #3304

I really hope you come back to me. I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't. But I would be so, so sad.

Confession #3305

I am really looking forward to our upcoming ‘family’ vacation.  Especially because your spoiled rotten man-child of a son will be there, sulking because he has no money to do what HE wants to do, his lazy ass girlfriend will sit around doing NOTHING to help out, and their child will be whining and crying for an entire week…  I’m looking forward to it, because I just got my Rx’s for Xanax and Zoloft renewed!

Confession #3306

My husband and I have been married for 4 years. I found out he cheated on me and now has a daughter. After I worked my ass off in school, take care of the kids, the house, and I work. How could he fucking do this to me? I love him with every fiber of my being and I just want my husband the man I married back. I am so hurt and lost that I don't know what to do. All I know if that I love him. I want him. I need him. I pray that we can get through this because when you love someone with all your heart you stand by them and love them even with all their faults. I know after 7 years you get comfortable. I gained weight after I had our son. I stopped wearing makeup and doing my hair because with two kids lets face its sort of impossible. But I never stopped love him. I never would in my life no matter how bad things got, would I ever consider doing this to him. I took vowels better or for worse. I will up hold those until that day comes. He says he wants to work it out but it is a lot to think about. I will stand by him. Is that wrong? Am I just setting myself up to get hurt again. I cant even take off my wedding ring. He wants it to end then he can take them off my finger. After all the plans we made to be together. Grow old together and watch our grand kids play on the front lawn while we are rocking in our chairs old and gray. I want him to see me graduate from nursing school. To be proud of his wife. I cant believe this is happening to us. After everything we have been through. I just want my husband back. To get help to see where we went wrong and fix it. You learn from your mistakes and you move on. I miss him. He says he wants to work everything out but yet he says he feels stuck. Really you feel stuck? How about for one minute how I feel? Where you ever thinking of me when you were with her? How all this would kill me? Nope he never thought about me in this at all. But what do I do?? I love him. I stay and I pick up the pieces and hope that this time everything will go better and we will be OK again.That girl will get what she deserves. Karma is a bitch! I just pray and hope. One day at a time, One step at a time, and just remember to breathe. We can get through this.Why you may ask? Because I feel we are soul mates and we can get through anything. There is something keeping us together that isn't letting me simply walk away. I will always be in love with him. Now and forever until death do us part.

Confession #3307

I don't know who you are anymore! Every time I look at you, you have a cup of whiskey in your hand. I hate the sound that the ice makes against the cup. I am trying to hold our family together but you really are going to make sure that I fail. You say all I do is bitch. For starters, try fucking your wife once a month. The last time I checked I was in my prime and I could do it 5 times a day. Just because you are turning 40 doesn't mean your cock doesn't work! Oh yeah! If you would put that cup of evil down, then maybe you would see what you are missing. Me, your wife of ten years and two beautiful daughters 7 & 9! Stop drinking and driving!!!! D.U.I's are expensive and we can't afford it, FUCKER! What happened to that happy go lucky handsome man that I married? I am against divorce and affairs but...I may have to rethink the latter!

Confession #3308

I've been trying too find a job for a while and its been a hard job market. But yesterday when you told me that you would want me to get any job, even a prostitute because at least I'd be doing something, it broke my heart. You usually would not say anything like that, but when you do get angry, you say the meanest things to me. You probably get that from your mother. It broke my heart when you said you are only with me because of guilt. I may not have a job yet, but i also manage all the financial issues (since you never seemed to pay your stuff on time), clean up after all of your mess, cook healthy dinners so we can lower your high blood pressure, and do errands. I know I'll get a job soon but you didn't have to make me feel so low for it. it was about 30 minutes of you saying the meanest things i ever heard you say. it made me feel like killing myself because i do try all the time to make you happy.

Confession #3309

I don't want to be here anymore. I stay because the thought of leaving and not getting to hold our five kids everyday scares the shit out of me. Then I also wonder what would you do to me if I did leave.
You always said my ex husband was so abusive and you would be so much better for me. You're right you don't cheat on me like he did. You have never been out late or missed a dinner.  You are a very dedicated father.
You have not shared a passionate kiss with me in years. You told me I cried too much when I lost our baby. You let me drive myself to the hospital, even though I looked at you and told you i thought I would bleed to death on the way. When I went into emergency surgery to stop the bleeding I went without you by my side. When the baby was buried I was the only one crying.I pictured it all so different with you.    

When you walked in the hospital after the first baby was born I saw a real man that i was proud to be with. With your next daughter when she was in the NICU we held hands a cried together feeling so helpless but together.
I'm told I'm a bad mother if I ever ask for a girls night so I think my friends gave up. I miss my friends and just time to find myself. I find myself feeling overwhelmed and anxious if I'm gone to long doing anything. You get to do your dream job while I just gave up my dreams for a stable paying job and  health insurance since we have five kids.
I use to be so happy and fit. I loved to spend a whole night reading a book then the next night outside working on the yard. I don't even know who this sad girl is. The worst part is you point out all my flaws. I am the one who had the kids but my ass is not even close to as big as yours. Oh I forgot "your a man."
I do love you or the idea of you. These days I walk on eggshells and sleep as close to the edge of our bed as I can with a kid in the middle of us. I avoid telling you that you forgot toilet paper again just so i don't have to hear your smart ass mouth.

I dream of being happy all the time. But hey it's like you always tell me "nobody wants a used twice wife". Well nobody wants to be your trophy wife or your trophy kids. You get us out to show off to your friends and family or when you feel like you want to be a husband and a father. Then when you want to be alone all the sudden you are so busy. If I have not seen you all day and asked to watch a movie and you say get off your ass it makes me wonder if that guy who always tells me how great I am would respond to this used twice wife.

I'm not saying I would cheat because in the end I will smile in your face, laugh and hold my head high knowing I was a the perfect wife and good luck finding a girl that will stay for more then your money.  I was there when you had nothing and now that your getting something I lost my best friend and husband.

Honestly if these walls could talk they are screaming at me to run. I think you forgot I went through a divorce before and already left one crazy person. What makes you think i'm not as strong NOW as I was when I was 24. I left with nothing and look around baby I earned every thing. I bought this home, the beds, sofa, tvs, oh yea and mostly I just don't care. I did it for us and I told you that you would loose me.

So when you come upstairs and see I have had a vodka and coke I'm sure I will hear how nasty it is to drink alcohol. I'm sure you will remind me how good parents never have a drink of alcohol. I'm not drunk but I will get to fall asleep tonight since most nights I'm to upset to sleep.

Confession #3310

I didn't do it. Believe me, I wanted to. SO FUCKING MUCH. But I did not have sex with him, and I ended our texting/email relationship. I knew he just wanted to use me, and walk away knowing he had screwed (another) married woman, and although he was funny, he was ultimately a coward, and would not push me out of the way of a horse and buggy, or EVER stand by me the way you always have and will.  I told you about our texting last week, but only a small fraction of it. (I can and never will tell you everything, it would crush your spirit, honey) But I TOLD you. Because I knew if I did, you could save me from myself, save me from making the biggest mistake of my life, our our and the children's lives. And you did save me. I love you. Forgive me.
One more thing: if we ever meet any professional coaches again, gently steer me away!

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