Monday, October 17, 2011

True Wife Confessions 43 Cuarenta y tres

Confession #431

I love you. I love your mother, your sister & your awesome aunt & uncle from California. The reason why I don't want a baby shower, is because your other relatives that do live in the same town are two-faced-ass-holes. You think I don't know what they say about me? The fact that they have a problem that I'm black & white is a big reason why I don't want them near our son after he's born. Its the same bull-shit I had to put up with my racist grandparents.

Confession #432

We are going to be married soon, which I am ridiculously excited about
because you are the most wonderful man I could possibly ask for.
However, I weigh 100 pounds more than you and I am terrified that one day
you'll realize you could do better. When we're out in public I assume
everyone is wondering how that fat girl snagged that hot guy. I hate that I
can't sit on your lap, that you can't pick me up during sex, and that I
can't let you touch or kiss my stomach like you want to. You tell me
all the time how much you love my body and my spirit, and maybe
eventually I'll believe it. But for now, I'll keep sobbing on the inside when we
watch things like Miss Universe and when we go ride rollercoasters and
my fat ass won't fit and I have to get out in front of everyone. Thank
you for not riding the rollercoaster without me.

Confession #433

i love my husband but i hate his job and i can't tell him that i his job. i know he's doing it for us and the country, but i can't handle the nights laying awake alone in our bed. Thinking about our kids wondering if i will have to raise our kids alone and telling them why their dad can't be with them anymore

Confession #434

I left my exhusband's telephone number on a wall, of a public restroom.

I wonder how many calls he got?

Confession #435

Do you remember the time you pulled my hair and said I was worthless? (July 1992) Well, I put that stinky onion under your car seat. Remember how you couldn't figure out where the stink was coming from???? You found the the onion and thought it fell out of the grocery bag. NOPE!! I put it there.

Confession #436

I secretly believe that you have never truly loved me but stay with me because of 1) the fact that I earn a steadier income than you, and 2) the kids. I think now that maybe I should have left you when you had that online affair. By your own admission, it was only because the other woman got cold feet that you never met and had real sex. Not that what I read in your e-mails to each other wasn't a reasonable enough facsimile. I hate you for introducing so much doubt about myself into my life. You are narcissistic, lazy, conceited, and arrogant. You criticize me for doing things you do yourself. You're bossy. I can't count on you to do anything you say you'll do. In order to be with you, I hurt a good and decent man, even if I wasn't in love with him. I think I've been paid back any pain I caused. If it wasn't for our children, I'd say it was a complete disaster and a mistake. If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be with you. You really don't deserve me.

Confession #437

You took me out for my "Big Birthday Dinner" and got mad that I got seated without you. You made me cry on my birthday. Then to cap off the night, you asked me to marry you. Yeah, that really was a stunned silence. Fuck you and your very pretty ring. You are an alcoholic prick who takes your frustrations out on the people around you. Go ahead, ask me when we're going to have another baby. Stall your family on when we're going to set the date. I know the answer, do you?
The worst part of it is, I could have loved you.

Confession #438

Honey....I am truly sorry....Your feet really,really........Stink!!

Confession #439

i don't want to have kids with you. THERE! i've said it. i wish that i could get my tubes tied just so i don't have the option to have them with YOU. you are immature and irresponsible and i know that you would be a terrible dad.
you are an alcoholic. you drink 12 beer a day and then pass out on our couch and wonder why i work three jobs just to get away from you.

i hate your family. i always have, always will.

your sister is an adult. why must we spend EVERY birthday with her? she is 28 now...time to move on and find her OWN life.

i hate your entire family: from your over bearing parents to your selfish and narcissistic sister to your immature brother and his wife. you all are self-absorbed and selfish jerks.

Confession #440

I wish you could understand how unhappy I am. I am
only staying with you because I can't support myself
and our children alone. I tell you I'm unhappy, you
promise to change, you never do. I'm not exactly
seeking someone to leave you for at the moment, but I
find myself "forgetting" my to wear my wedding ring
when I go out. Secretly hoping for a nice guy to hit
on me. Fall in love with me. Fall in love with our
children. Take care of us so I don't need to stay with
you. I look at men at the gym, the grocery store, dads
at the park...and wonder....will this be the one?
I used to want to make this marriage work, but not
anymore. Sadly, you see nothing wrong with married
people who spend no time together. We're not much more
than roommates. That's fine. It just gives me more
opportunity to find the REAL man of my dreams.


Cinderella11pm said...

Confession #438:

First, get him new shoes. The old ones may have the odor clinging to the leather or canvas or rubber from athletic shoes on the inside.

Second, try having him wash the bottoms of his feet tops of his feet, and in between his toes every single time he showers with unscented glycerin soap -- or peppermint gylcerin soap.
Sounds funny I know, but they are MUCH more effective than high pH deodorant soaps for feet.

Third, get him new socks. 100% cotton socks. Not the kind with polyester, which makes odors linger.

Fourth, Wash his socks on HOT water and with unscented soap.

That should definitely help a lot.

Anonymous said...

#440. Please start taking steps to make yourself stronger so you can take care of yourself and your children on your own. Don't go looking for a guy to take care of you and to be dependent on.

Seriously, what kind of man would want a woman who is completely dependent on him? A man who is dominating and controlling, thats what kind. Do you really want that? Concentrate on you and your kids. Teach your kids that they need to grow up independent, not to rely on someone else to take care of them. Especially if they are girls. Break the cycle of dependence.

That dream man is only in the movies.

Anonymous said...

#432- I feel your pain.